About Us

Vantage Sports International is a sporting software development company. The management team are a mix of sporting enthusiasts, software developers and data analysts. The vision is to develop and take to market services for consumers that embrace the sporting passion of the dedicated fan. The mission is to provide insight and knowledge to sports fans to enable a stronger chance of predicting outcomes of future events, to develop fun to play games in the fantasy sports sector and create community fan groups with common interests.

The journey started in 2016 when an algorithm was built to test whether UK football match outcomes could be predicted using data alone and whether early models of AI and machine learning could regularly improve success rates when making these predictions.

In 2016/17 the inaugural algorithm targeted the Premiership in England. The initial base datasets used were possession, corners, shots on goal, shots on target and goals. Additionally, we assigned different management styles to also differentiate the tactical approach used by different managers.

This first season produced a fascinating statistic in that over the 38 game season an incredible 70.2% of match outcomes (home win, draw, away win) were forecast correctly. AI and machine learning technology was further integrated to analyse trends and relationships between datasets and outcomes and additional key categories were added and one of the original categories omitted as this highlighted some unexpected drivers to outcomes.

The 2017/18 season saw an increase in correct predicted outcome to 72.1%. In the 2018/19 season based on one of the new elements (expected team goals), the algorithm was enhanced to make an actual score prediction and delivered a correct score in 15.5% of matches.

2019/20 season we created a soft launch to consumers, whilst also extending the service to cover the EFL leagues and Scottish Leagues. This season was unexpectedly interrupted by the onset of the Global Pandemic and the devastating effect it had on society and sporting events. However, this period delivered new insights into the world of football predictions and highlighted the significant effect of crowd influence and player unavailability, thus allowing further tweaks to be made to our software.

This extended period of uncertainty also allowed us to develop a new concept in fantasy football. The evolvement of Super Fan Fantasy League, a twist on traditional style fantasy football games.

This technology is scalable to all worldwide sports, all team sports and individuals, and can be filtered down to lower leagues as necessary. The crucial factor is simply the availability of accurate datasets.

So, what are the key points?
  • Innovative Sports Data Algorithms: Cutting-edge algorithms that predict outcomes of sporting events with remarkable accuracy. Our proprietary football algorithm has consistently maintained a success rate of over 70%, empowering our clients to make more informed decisions.
  • Expert Analysis and Insights: Our team of expert analysts brings decades of sports industry experience to provide you with the insights you need. We combine deep domain knowledge with real-time data to deliver tailored advice that helps maximise prediction skills.
  • Comprehensive Sports Coverage: From football to tennis, our services cover a wide range of sports. We provide detailed analysis and trending momentum reports using historical data for major sports leagues and events around the world, ensuring you have a competitive edge no matter the game.

  • Fantasy Sports: This isn't your typical fantasy league. The difference is you're committed to the team/individual you support, challenging you to leverage your in-depth knowledge of your favourite team/individual sports competitor. Prepare to put your knowledge to the test where only the best insights will prevail. Stay tuned for our exciting lineup of new products and the introduction of new sports/competitions.
  • Extensive Range of Data Reports: With 5.1 million dynamic calculations, 700 anticipation trend threads, and advanced performance analysis at your disposal, these reports highlight trends in sport. These can range from individual player or referee performance in football to team momentum trends, individual sportsmen form trends showing positive or negative momentum in sports such as golf and tennis, highlighting key performance indicators such as type of course, type of surface, or even historic periods in any year where form regularly increases or declines. The information is easily accessible to our members.
  • Community Chat Groups: Interactive Community: Join discussions, share tips, and exchange strategies with fellow members who are as passionate about their sport/team as you are. These groups are filtered to a team/individual/sport/league ensuring interaction with like-minded sports fans.

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